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The Carriage Travel Club
Affiliated With Lifestyle Luxury RV

This is the public side of the Carriage Travel Club website.

Members, must login to gain full access.  If you are having difficulty logging in via a cell phone or tablet, tap the lock icon at the bottom of your screen. For details on using the system on a mobile device, tap the 3 line menu icon at the bottom of the mobile screen and read the menu choice "Using Tablets/Cell Phones"

 Welcome Fellow Carriage and Lifestyle Luxury RV Owners!

Join us online by clicking the link in the menu on the left or by printing and mailing a
  Paper Application
We would like to introduce you to our Travel Club and this club website.   For almost 40 years our club has provided its members with the means where owners of RVs manufactured by Carriage, Inc. and Lifestyle Luxury RV can gather and share common interests. With the demise of Carriage, we are working to provide some of the support services no longer available from the manufacturer. Information regarding the operation and maintenance of our Carriage, Inc and Lifestyle Luxury RV products is shared at our camp-outs, our rallies, and through the many forums on the "member only" pages of this website.


The club strives to provide support services to our members. Information regarding the operation and maintenance of our RV’s is provided at our rallies during “Tech Talk” sessions and is available on the discussion forums within the member side of the website.

We have recently aligned with Lifestyle Luxury RV out of Middlebury, IN. Owners of both Carriage Inc. and Lifestyle RV’s are now eligible to join. posted an article entitled "Lifestyle Luxury RV Fivers Grow Market Share".  This article comments on Lifestyle's affiliation with the Carriage Travel Club.  

If you are the owner of a Carriage Inc. or Lifestyle Luxury RV product, consider joining us and seeing all the club has to offer.  Membership is only $20 per year.  We enjoy great times and are always looking for like-minded individuals to share them with. Read our Benefits Section to learn more about the club and what we do.
Be sure and check out the Highlights page of our last two National Rallies (from menu on the left) and see for yourself what a fun time we have! Then Visit a chapter function or become a member and attend one of our national rallies to join in on the fun and fellowship.


  Looking for a Rig?
If you're considering purchasing a used Carriage RV and wonder why this brand appears to have a higher price tag, you might find this dealer training manual very informative.  This manual was written in Carriage's last years to provide dealers with knowledge of their product's construction.  If you care about quality, you'll find this useful in your decision making process.  Carriage Construction

Pre-owned Carriages and
Lifestyles for sale.

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The "Club" is an organization where good fellowship and camaraderie
turn fellow members into extended "family".





There are typically three major rallies each year along with numerous campouts organized by local chapters and scattered throughout the country.  These activities are shown on the member's activity calendar and posted within the Club's quarterly newsletter - the "Campin' Nooz".  A sample copy is available: Campin' Nooz
 Photos from various chapter events
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Chapter Photos from the Grand National Rally, Springfield IL
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2012 Grand National